Give And/Or Receive Recovery Support

TRS is an innovative, peer-to-peer support service.  Trained volunteers that are, in many cases, in recovery themselves, make  weekly calls to “check in” and see how people are doing. Recoverees are  offered support; encouragement and information about resources that may  help them maintain their recovery.

The beauty is in the simplicity. TRS helps people  stay in recovery. Sometimes just a phone call can make someone feel  wanted, cared about and included. Dare, we say “loved”. When making the  call, the volunteer will feel rewarded when they have spoken with  someone. They share in joys and sorrows, triumphs and setbacks. They  have the satisfaction of giving back, of making a difference. It’s a  classic win-win scenario. 

The service provides 1x weekly support calls for an average of 12 weeks.  Light documentation required. To volunteer please contact us at 800-604-8978.         Some of the training modules given to volunteers:  

  • CCAR Policy and Procedure w/ Manual 
  • CCAR Volunteer Overview 
  • Intern Agreement and Interview 
  • Peer Facilitation Participants’ w/Manual 
  • TRS Volunteer Training w/Manual 
  • Resolving Conflicts w/Manual 
  • Volunteer Orientation Guide 
  • Volunteer Training Documents
  • Volunteer Professionalism in a Recovery Community Center 
  • Resolving Conflicts training – PowerPoint