Bring Recovery Coaching to Your Team, Department, or County

Recovery Coach Impact


PCA has been doing outreach to organizations and rural counties around Colorado the last 2 years and have been seeing increased interest and success in supporting networking in both areas.  Currently there are recovery coaches working in the following environments:

  • Residential Treatment Programs
  • Sober Housing
  • Re-entry Programs
  • Drug Courts and Family Courts
  • Veterans Specialty Courts
  • Emergency Departments
  • Angel Programs in Police Departments
  • LEAD Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Programs
  • Hospitals (addressing High- Utilization issues) 
  • Community Recovery Centers
  • Faith Based Recovery Programs
  • MAT programs
  • First Responders

If we can find a way to connect any/all of these organizations in your city or county to collaborate on a training, it could be advantageous for everyone (and increase networking and city/county-wide strategic planning)

Overview of Private Training


 So you have an overview of what we do:

  1. We provide trainings and certifications for nationally recognized Recovery Coach curriculum in 2 phases.   
    1. Core CCAR Recovery Coach Academy- 30 hours Education/ CEU’s. We can deliver this training in 4 days, or 2 sets of 2 days. 
    2. 30 hours of Continuing CCAR Education such as Ethical Considerations and  Professionalism.

      It is recommended to choose the 1st option- then decide later whether to pursue the 2nd option.

  1. We provide IC & RC certification for all trainings. The Certificate can be applied to further credentialing, but stands alone as providing the basic education that satisfies national coaching standards- The Colorado Peer and Family Support (CPFS)  or a CCAR Recovery Coach Professional (RCP). 
  2. NAADAC Peer Credential (info here)  may be reimbursable from Private Insurances for peer services. This training fits those requirements.
  3. We offer TOT (Training of Trainers) for an additional fee for those who want their own training mechanism inside your county or your organization. It can provide a revenue stream, impact on attrition, and consistent contact with new volunteers and workforce.
  4. We contract to provide direct Recovery Coach Supervision- which differs from Clinical Supervision as the work is non-clinical. Or we provide  RC Supervision Trainings to assist you in developing your coaches'  continued skill growth. 
  5. We facilitate a 12-hour specific Recovery Coaching in Emergency Departments training. 

Contract Group Rates


General pricing is available on our website, however we negotiate organizational rates at a much better value. We offer the  4 day CCAR training at negotiated rates for groups from 8 to 20 coaches at a reduced rate per person. The same would apply for the Part 2 of the training to pursue accreditation. These costs do not include training space allocation.

On an individual basis the cost is between $650 and $1250 per person depending on the number of trainings, so the negotiated rates offer a great value. The regional networking benefits when approached will be a bonus. 

Contact PCA/Embark for information

IC & RC Certified Non-Clinical Peer Trainings -CEU's awarded

CCAR Recovery Coach Academy 30 hours


Who should attend the Recovery Coach Academy?

"Anyone in the recovery field.  The CCAR Recovery Coach Academy© is an innovative new approach to healing people's lives that is unlike any other training. Utilizing a dynamic approach to learning that blends both process and content, the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy© offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that has been referred to as "pure recovery genius", If you're ready to learn, be challenged, and reap valuable rewards for life, the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy© is a must for anyone in the recovery field."

Training Offerings- CCAR Recovery Coach Academy (RCA) 

30 CEU's , Registration Fee: $850 -$200 discount for Colorado Residents. 

(Optional Training of Trainers)  (TOT) can be added at registration for an additional $650. 

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Recovery Coach Professional 60 hours


Embark/Peer Coach Academy follows the lead of CCAR/CART, the global leader in quality recovery coach training, bases all offerings on fundamental coaching excellence. CART’s flagships curriculum, the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy is the curriculum of choice for many organizations worldwide. PCA, who values their philosophy and high standards of training both the Art and Science of recovery coaching has been invited to participate in a collaborative effort to offer the complete CART curricula regionally. By providing access to the same training one would find in CT, eliminates the barriers to education that is sometimes experienced by those who wish to be trained as a recovery coach. By partnering with PCA and others across the country, we hope that more coaches will be able to obtain the CART Recovery Coach Professional (RCP) Designation, as well as the Colorado Peer & Family Support Credential, & NAADAC Peer Credential

Training Offerings- CCAR Recovery Coach Academy 30 hours plus 30 hours CCAR continuing education modules. Can be taken in 1 month or pieced together over 1 year, Registration Fee: $1250 

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Recovery Coach Professional - Part 2


 What is the CART Collabrative?  CART Collborative sites are sites that have been vetted by CCAR's Center for Addiction Recovery Training (CART) as providing the same exceptional training programs many have traveled to Connecticut to receive.  The trainers and location have been approved by CART and will maintain the excellence and fidelity thousands have come to know and trust from our training programs. 

Part 2 of the Recovery Coach Professional through EMBARK consists of 30 hours of CCAR training, 16 hours of Ethical Considerations, 12 hours of Professionalism in Recovery Coaching and 2 hours online webinars as well as a complimentary application and test for the credential, and 2 years to use the title upon passing test. 

Part 2 can be put together in the same week or over time per your choice. Registration Fee: $650. 

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Effective Peer Supervision Workshop


 PCA understands that peer professionals do better in a work situation with appropriate supervision. There  are at least 2 types of supervisors that we focus on with 2 different Peer Supervisor trainings- "Coachervision" - and "Effective Peer Supervision".  

1) CCAR's "Coachervision" is for peer to peer supervision and explores supporting a newer coach's growth. 

• Define expectations of Recovery Coach oversight
• Understand the complexity and intricacy of the Recovery Coach role
• Understand how organizational culture can support a Coachervision model
• Learn the importance of accountability for both the Coachervisor and  Recovery Coach
• How to support Recovery Coaches in professional settings 

2)  "Effective Peer Supervision" is an experiential training which provides insight into how best to integrate a peer into your team and how to include "removing barriers and promoting recovery" into the workplace on a daily basis. Designed for the existing supervisor who is adding peer coaches to the team for the first time,"Effective Peer Supervision" includes 6-9 months follow up and an online learning collaborative to promote peer integration and learning for the supervisor.

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