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Our  goal at Sober AF Entertainment is simple. Promote “no drunk” areas and  support sober safe zones. As a non-profit, we can purchase tickets at a  discount and sell them to people wanting to enjoy themselves in these  safe zones. We offer sober tailgates to engage our community. Our  website includes a calendar of events nationally with other sober  support groups like The Phoenix, YPAA and the Collegiate Recovery  activities. We want to be the voice for people looking for a safe place  to have fun! Promote, educate and support the public  about sober SAFE Zones and other support groups. Our website allows  other groups to contact us so we can help promote their own sober  tailgates. 


Promote  and manage Sober SAFE Zones at major sporting events. Work with major  sporting teams to set up blocks of tickets at our nonprofit discount  rate. Set up tailgate party before event to connect and engage  community. We manage events on our website. Host at least one sporting  event per month.


Create calendar of events for people wanting to promote a sober tailgate. Interview groups hosting sober tailgates. 


Promote  sober support groups that are activity working music festivals or  certain bands using our website and calendar of events. Interview  members of these support groups to help educate concert goers of these  groups and activities such as sober campgrounds and other fun  activities. 


Host a concert/festival using sober musicians and DJ’s once a year. Host sober DJ events quarterly.  

S.A.F.E Entertaimnet

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