Recovery Coach Trainings- Schedules & Registration

 PCA/Embark entered into a collaborative with CCAR and much of our training schedule is also hosted at the CCAR/CART website  PCA/Embark has scheduled trainings in Denver, Aurora, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Aspen, Glenwood Springs, and Grand Junction. Click on the highlighted link on calendar at the bottom of each listed class to find more information on the trainings.

No upcoming events.

Packages & Stand-Alone Trainings

Installment Payment Plans for Recovery Coach Trainings Now Available @ PCA Universe Site

· You can also access the trainings that accept payment plans 

at our Universe site

· The $650 registration has been split into 4 payments due in full 30 days prior to the training.

· You will see the subtotal for the first payment at checkout, comprised of the 1st payment and a one-time payment plan fee.

· From there, all subsequent payments will automatically be billed and processed on your behalf. 

· In the instance of either a failed payment or expired credit card buyers will be notified to update their payment information.

· From that date, the trainee will have ten days to update their payment details in the Universe System. 

· If a correction isn’t made in time the ticket will automatically be canceled.

· You will be refunded the full amount for their ticket excluding the Payment Plan fee and the ticket will be marked invalid.

click here for Installment Payment options

CCAR/CART Training * The Gold Standard* Class Descriptions

Lived Experience is Priceless

About Recovery Coaching

As Recovery Coaching is a peer-based service, there hasn't been a need for documentation - and without documentation,  there isn't data to report.  However, as more and more organizations have begun utilizing coaches to provide support services for those in recovery from alcohol and other addictions, we are finding more and more articles written to show support of this model.