Embark/ PCA- CCAR Recovery Coach Academy & TOT Overview


We hope to meet all your training needs whether you want to  become a recovery coach, or for those who may already be working in  this field and wish to elevate their skills. 

 Our trainings are designed  to be delivered in a retreat like setting, are uniquely experiential  and rely on the experts in the room—you!

Our staff of trainers model what we want to see in recovery coaches -  ones ability to:  actively listen, ask good questions and manage our  own stuff. 

 It may sound quite simple, and yet, being able to achieve  this goal takes skill to balance the Art and Science of recovery  coaching.   

Our trainings cover both, so you not only walk away with the  skills needed, but with the ability to practice all while fine tuning  your ART!

4 day agenda - Recovery Coach training overview- TOT overview

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