Nat'l Ass. of Community Health Centers 2018- NHCAC & PCSS


Case Management


  • Spends time at shelters & soup kitchens engaging with individuals, eating meals with them, etc.
  • Establishes rapport as a peer over time. Facilitates scheduling willing patients for an assessment at the health center.
  • Stays engaged with individuals on a waiting list for the MAT Program.
  • Communicates regularly with the MAT Program team
  • Helps develop the recovery plan


Patient Liaison/ Mentor

  • Helps to initiate and sustain an individual/family in recovery from substance use.
  • Helps client find transportation, housing, clothes,employment, child care, etc.
  • Promotes recovery by removing barriers
  • Serves as a personal mentor for people seeking recovery assistance
  • Works with individuals beyond the recovery phase through stabilization and into maintenance

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