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Nationally Recognized Recovery Coach Training, Certification & Supervision

PCA partners w/CCAR and Meaningful Trainings  to provide inspiration and insight as we nurture a growing peer workforce.


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PCA Training Team

Corinthia Brown Certified CCAR Trainer

Corinthia Brown

Corinthia is experienced working with people who have experienced Substance Abuse, PTSD, Trauma, LGBTQ Psychotherapy, Sexual Abuse, Victim Empathy, Relapse Prevention, Dual Diagnosis, HIV /STI testing, education & prevention, Domestic Violence & Intimate Partner Violence, DUI education & therapy, CBT, DBT, Treating human trafficking survivors & Cultural communication resilience.

Jess Norwood Certified CCAR Trainer

Jessica Norwood

Jess is a woman living in long-term recovery who has a history navigating recovery and trauma and supports others on similar journeys. Her skills include but are not limited to-

build and maintain relationships with potential referents-coordinate care for persons struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues-offer resources for those in need of external options-work with individuals,  family members, and referral contacts to connect to treatment options. Jess hosts an online vlog called " A Sober Chick" 

Allison Harden CPFS- Certified CCAR & Peer Supervisor Trainer

Allison Harden

 Allison is a strategic, creative, passionate, self-directed, marketing, and sales professional with work experience in multiples areas of the hospitality industry, as well as the behavioral healthcare addiction recovery, and treatment field.  Allison is the CEO of a recovery support organization named "Beyond Betty"

Rod Rushing CPFS- Core CCAR/Meaningful Trainings Trainer

Rod Rushing


A  recovery coach trainer with over 10 years’ experience mentoring and advocating for individuals/organizations seeking assistance with substance use and recovery support. Proven ability to develop and implement recovery support strategies to support client post-treatment transition. 

Rica Rodriguez-Certified CCAR Trainer


Rica has facilitated  groups within the Denver County Jail for the general population men & women. I facilitated weekly WAP support groups for HIV positive women. Transport client to and from medical, social services and community based appointments. And attend such needed appointments with client to help them better understand the processes. Assist with needed paperwork and pay co pays for medical visits or medications and with navigating medical, social, and judicial systems upon release

Jenny Hill CPFS- Certified Peer Supervisor Trainer

Jenny Hill

Jennifer has lived experience and has worked as a mentor, educator, advocate, and peer support specialist for almost a decade.  She was a program coordinator at the Colorado Mental Wellness Network for many years prior to taking her current position with the city. 

PCA Trainings in Colorado - Fall/Winter 2018

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Why A Recovery Coach www.universe.com/pcacolorado

Why A Collaborative?

 CART, the global leader in quality recovery coach training, bases all offerings on fundamental coaching excellence. CART’s flagships curriculum, the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy is the curriculum of choice for many organizations worldwide. Organizations who value our philosophy and high standards of training both the Art and Science of recovery coaching will be invited to participate in a collaborative effort to offer the complete CART curricula regionally. By providing access to the same training one would find in CT, eliminates the barriers to education that is sometimes experienced by those who wish to be trained as a recovery coach. By partnering with agencies across the country, we hope that more coaches will be able to obtain the CART Recovery Coach Professional (RCP) Designation. 

Should I Hire a Recovery Coach?


You (or your clients) have been through rehab or some form of counseling or support group. You have been sober for a significant period of time. You’re still struggling, though. You feel like triggers are all around you. That bar where you used to hang out with friends and get drunk is on your way to work. An old friend with whom you got high keeps texting you. You feel depressed, anxious and stressed out and you just know that using again will dampen these feelings.

Recovery is hard and relapse is common. How can you avoid turning back to drugs and alcohol? There are a lot of strategies, like finding new hobbies. going to meetings, working with a sponsor and others, but they aren’t always enough. On the other hand, you may be feeling secure in your sobriety, but your life revolves around avoiding relapse. You aren’t thriving, and every day feels like a chore.

What Does a Recovery Coach Do?

 This is where a recovery coach becomes useful. Coaching goes beyond therapy and beyond what a sponsor does. A coach is much more than any one thing. A good recovery coach is a leader, a mentor, a partner, a therapist, a spiritual guide and a cheerleader. A coach will do just about anything to help a client stay sober and to build a life that is meaningful and enjoyable. A coach wants the client to be more than just sober. A good coach wants the client to thrive. Here are just a few examples of what a coach might do for you:

  • Be there, day or night. Unlike a sponsor, who is a volunteer, a coach works for you.  When previously agreed upon, if you need them at 3 a.m. because you think you might use, she will be there.
  • Find resources. A coach can help you find the resources you need to get more treatment or to engage in other activities that will enrich your life, like education or finding a better job.
  • Help you set and achieve goals. Coaches want their clients to succeed, but they will not do the work for them. A coach can help you realize what goals you want to achieve and will guide you toward their successful conclusion.
  • Communicate with family. Getting back together with family after addiction can be tricky. A coach will help you learn to reconnect in a productive way.

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We hope you will volunteer to provide Telephone Recovery Support Calls, or be a Peer Facilitator for groups, or help build our state resource directory.  We can provide Community Support  Credits for many counties. 

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